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Clipping Image Expert, CIE is a globally acclaimed Professional Clipping Path Service Company that has been working with many world famous media, fashion, printing, e-commerce, photography, and other creative agencies for the last 32 years. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled photo editors who are continuously giving their best efforts for the best clipping path service experience. Currently, we can provide 5,000 images per day and the usual turn around time is 12-24 hours. Before on-boarding as a customer, you can try us for free.


Basic clipping path is the primary category. It generally requires a single path with mostly straight curves, since the image does not have any holes. This technique applied to round, rectangular, and small curved shaped product such as ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book etc.


Simple clipping path is applied to curved products with hole such as T-shirt, shoes, ring, watch, ear ring, chair, camera etc. In simple clipping path, the number of curves and anchor points of the path is greater than the basic clipping path.


Complex clipping path is applied to images of compound and complex shapes, designs or group photos, products with many holes/embedded transparency. It is applied to various products such as group people, furniture, group bracelets, cycle etc.

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