Exceptional image masking service
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CIE gives you the chance to avail experienced image masking, alpha channel mask, photo retouch, clipping path, neck joint at a very cheap price. Contact us for bulk order.

image masking service

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is required when you want to separate an area of an image of the whole photo. It is necessary to sharpen the edges. By using this, you can change or alter the background of a photo.

You can also fix blur photos, thin hair edges etc. You will get a clear detail of any photo after using the Photoshop image masking service.

There are many uses of Photoshop image masking. You can use this service to soft the image edges. You can also use it for hard edges. Photoshop masking is applied for soft edges like doll, furry clothes or human hair. You need to combine another service with photo masking. The name of the service is clipping path service.

For hard edges, you only need clipping path service. If you are in the situation, where clear details can’t achieve with clipping path technique. You need to use the masking service. Photo masking will help you to isolate things from the background.

Photo masking is a time-consuming process. It takes a long time to finish. The time depends on the type of images need to mask. And it also depends on the type of providers.

If you order a skill, professional provider, you will get the images quickly. If you not, the order will be late. And the quality will not satisfy you. It is important to find a professional image editing provider.

If you have low-quality image or failed to find a good provider, bring your images to Clipping Image Expert. We will fix the problems. A professional touch is needed for any kind of photoshop service.

We have the professional designers to perform the designs. We are confident to provide you decent image editing.

Clipping Image Expert has all the professional people for photo engineering. Photoshop work is an art. And we have the best artist for that job. Our experts have all the qualities such as removing defects or spots from the image, including makeup, making the models beautiful in the magazine, fixing red eye or put a beautiful smile on the models.

Our special image masking service includes:

  1. Hair mask.
  2. Alpha channel photo masking.
  3. Translucent image masking.
  4. Transparent layer mask.
  5. Collage image mask.
  6. Flesh masking.

Clipping Image Expert is a leading image editing service company. We have years of practical working experience in image masking and other Photoshop design field. We also provide silhouette services too. It is our new addition.

Our working process is perfect and flawless. We keep a good pace to satisfy our customers. We know what customer desire. That’s why we work to fulfill the desire.

No work is big or small. Even if you have only one image to fix. No problem. Send to us. For your comfort, we provide fast FTP facilities. You can also send us the images via Google drive, We Transfer or Dropbox.

Our customer service is always open. Give your images now and our photoshop specialists will handle the rest. Contact us today!

Standard Image Masking Service
From Qualified Designers

We offer the best photo editing services at cost effective price to all of our clients. CIE hires the most qualified designers for image editing. Our quality design and competitive price make us the best offshore graphics house in Asia.
  • Discount on every bulk image order.
  • Our efficient designer will finish your task on time and fix any image issue quickly.
  • A regular customer can pay weekly or monthly.
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Our Services

Clipping path

Clipping Image Expert provides dedicated clipping path and other image treatment service for more than 7 years. Contact us.

Image Retouching Service

Image retouching vanishes the imperfections of the photo. We are giving this complicated service at a very competitive price.

Drop Shadow Service

Hire Clipping Image Expert for simple and difficult drop shadow service. Our experts can make beautiful neck joint quickly.

Background Removal Service

Cut out every background from your product photos by CIE specialist background removal service. Hire us today!

Image Masking Service

We have the best designer for critical image mask and alpha channel mask. Send us your trial image to check out our quality.

Neck Joint Service

Clipping Image Expert works with leading clothing brand providing effective neck joint service at a reliable cost. Call us now!

Every client is important to us, make us your personal photo editing partner.