Paypal payment

Clipping Image Expert provides easy payment system. You can easily send your payment through Payoneer, Paypal payment, wire transfer, and bank transfer.

We are committed to giving you a hassle free service from clipping path service to payment options. That’s why we give you worlds best money transfer method PayPal.

Now you can easily pay your image editing service through PayPal. The hassle-free system makes easy both the clients and our business.

How you can use Paypal payment?

Paypal payment is an easy process to perform. A client has to fill up a simple form by providing the client Contact Name, Contact Number, Company Name, Website name, Company Address and other necessary information. After the image order completed ( of clients who send image files regularly ), our clients will receive an  E-Mail-Invoice  includes all important information for making a payment. ( The regular clients will get e-mail invoice after 30 days usually every after 30 days ).

A client can pay their photo editing price by  Paypal utilizing a  Credit Card  or a  Debit Card or Bank Account  with couple of simple clicks on the  Paypal Page.

Put the service charge in the Paypal Payment box and hit the PAY NOW button!

(Amount can be changeable in the next step).

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