Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be effective from April 25, 2018.

Thank you for selecting Clipping Image Expert as your clipping path service provider by visiting, engaging or using our website and services. This company privacy policy will help you to understand how we collect your data and why we collect it. Please mention it we may change this privacy policy anytime any moment.

By using this website, you are agreed to the application and collection of personal information entails here. If you disagree with our privacy policy then don’t visit our website. Please note that visiting this website means you are given consent to us to store your information. If you don’t it will be impossible to visit this website.

Introduction to the privacy policy

The privacy policy consist of two things:

1. Explain to you how we collect information from the website.

2. Make you sure that the information we collect from you with your consent and use it with your permission.

Policy Scopes

Clipping Image Expert has all the rights to take any actions about the privacy policy. This policy is applied to both the website authority and users. We do not extend to any website that can be controlled from us but we input links of our social media accounts.

Collection of data

  1. Name of the user.
  2. Profession of the user.
  3. Job title of the user.
  4. Name of the company.
  5. The contact information like e-mail, billing info etc.
  6. Company website name.
  7. Images or photos for the services.
  8. Geographic locations.
  9. IP address.
  10. Debit card, credit card, Paypal or Payoneer information.
  11. Web browser version and type.
  12. Computer OS.
  13. Username and password.

How we use the collected data

  1. Keep a record in our office.
  2. Improve our services, develop technical functionality, analyze your interaction with the services as well as the whole website.
  3. To deliver, improve and personalize user experiences with our product and services.
  4. Make a connection with you for promotional and marketing offers via our partners directly or indirectly.
  5. Communicate with you for survey purpose via e-mail, phone call, fax or other electronic media.
  6. Detect or prevent fraud during process your payment.
  7. By enforcing our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other regulations that you have given your consent as well as defend your rights, your property, and safety of the Clipping Image expert, it’s clients and other users or the copyright protected graphic material and text of this website.
  8. We use Google analytics for analyzing data. Google analytics function in an anonymous form. We use this service to understand how clients find our website, their interaction and the number of people visit this website. The data will be using for 2 years.

Third party services and website

Clipping image expert may use the third party services to function certain processes in order to maintain the website. Third party website may use the user data on behalf of us (hosting provider, E-commerce website). It may be a security concern and obligation of confidentiality with this privacy policy. If the third parties use the user data on their own then it will be applicable in their privacy policy and law.

Legal obligations and privacy law

We follow certain privacy law which is given below:

  1. EU data protection directive.
  2. United Kingdom data protection act.
  3. EU general data protection regulation.

Business ownership change

Clipping image expert may reduce or expand their business. It will include the sales, marketing or changes of control of all the part of Clipping image expert. Visitors data can be used by the new controlling party and they can change the privacy policy at any time.

In this fact, we make sure your privacy is absolutely protected.

Website functionality

To avail all the features of our website, you require to submit important data. You are forced to restrict the usage of cookies. The deleting or restriction of cookies may hamper the user experience of this website.

Linked with other website

This website can provide links to other third-party websites. The website authority does not control these third party websites and their contents. This privacy policy does not restrict to use those websites. You should read the privacy policy of these websites before you use them.

Controlling the data use

We give you access to control, use, and collection of your private data. We use your data for:

  1. Marketing purpose.
  2. Share the data to third party companies.

You can access and restrict the use of personal data anytime. For that contact us:

Website Cookies

We can access your certain cookies placed on your computer. Clipping image expert applies these cookies to develop certain functions of the website such as user experience, service, and product, etc. Clipping image expert selects these cookies carefully and takes the necessary steps to protect your privacy.

All browser cookies used by the website are applied by the latest UK and EU cookie law.

Data storage

The data collected by the website is stored on secure hosting facilities. Clipping image expert meets with hosting company to make sure all hosting system function according to the security rules and regulations. We abide by the policies and practices to save your data.

Privacy policy for children

Clipping image expert is not made for children who are under 13 years old. We do not intentionally collect personal data from children who are under 13 or age limit.

If you are under the age of 13 then do not use our website and share information to us. If you are the guardian of the child and aware of the fact that the child provides information to us then contact our support. We will remove the information from our database.

Common law

You can’t transfer or change your rights to another person under this privacy policy. We can change or transfer the rights where we believed to be safe.

If any judicial court or legal authorities find any law of this privacy policy unethical or illegal then the law or provision can be deleted or deemed. The rest of the privacy policy will be intact.

Modification of the privacy policy

Clipping image expert has all the authorities and rights to change or modify this privacy policy as required by law from time to time. Any modification of the policy will be published on the site and you have to accept the privacy policy on the first view of the website after modifications.


Clipping image expert is an offshore clipping path service company. Our main office situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh and production house is situated in Gaibandha, Bangladesh.

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